This adorable dude just keeps growing bigger (and cuter) every day- say hey to Finley!

 Like any pup, Finn seems to be growing faster than he is maturing! He's learning a lot, but he's definitely still a puppy at heart. At just about 18 weeks old he is starting to grow into his long legs, he plays hard and sleeps hard, he listens well when there's a treat in hand, and he rarely has accidents inside!

This pup is the ultimate model (and Graham is a good attention-getter). Finn's going to grow up behind the camera! This is what you get with a photographer "mom" and the most beautiful leaves all falling on the same day!

We have such a blast with this growing guy! I never thought I'd be that person... but I definitely treat him more like a baby than a puppy... as embarrassing as that sounds.  

Although he's still clumsy and trying to grow into his long legs, he's quick once he gets going.
He's already been nicknamed, "crazy eyes" because... well, look at him!

Although the Vikings lost on Halloween, we showed up ready to play!

And what a lucky guy! Every day is a new adventure for Finn, from dog parks, to the kid parks.
From meeting new people to meeting new dogs! He's always exploring, moving, and learning. 

Shout out to the Minnehaha Dog Park in Minneapolis, a dog park that doesn't feel like a dog park, with beautiful trails to enjoy and the mighty Mississippi for the dogs to splash around in! 

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