What an amazing way to kick-off my 2016 wedding season- meet Julie and Hans!

This wedding was so special because of the great attention to detail and personalization of each and every piece of the day. From the wedding dress made by the mother-of-the-bride, to the personalized cakes made by the mother-of-the-groom, to the heartfelt song written by the father-of-the-groom, to each and every centerpiece that was carefully hand-crafted by the bride herself. These special touches, these details are what made this wedding an absolute blast to capture and be a part of.

This wedding dress was designed and hand-made by Julie's mother! What an elegant and sentimental piece, and wow, did Julie rock it!

It's always a fun surprise for me to see what the guys are doing while they "get ready" on the big day! While the girls spend hours on their hair, make-up and getting dressed, I always find the guys got dressed in 10 minutes are always up to something- from pizza parties, dance-offs, and drinking games, and now card games too! 

Shout-outs to the talents of Hair by Melissa & Carin's Makeup Artistry

Julie and Hans have been dating since high school and you can immediately tell that these two have been through so many fun and special moments together! They are so comfortable and relaxed with each other and the first look was no exception. 

The biggest of shout-outs to The Court Above Main

What an amazing, fun and beautiful venue! This newly remodeled venue is perfectly located in downtown LaCrosse, WI, it worked great for ceremony and reception, and it was the perfect backdrop for each and every moment of the day!

I quickly fell in love the dark wood, the large windows (a photographer's dream lighting), and the character of the room- mismatching chandeliers and all. 

Fun fact: This building used to be a YWCA, this room was the gym. After being empty for 70 years, it was finally remodeled last year into the gorgeous venue you see today. 

Julie and Hans are so very loved- guests came from all over the country to celebrate with them on their special day.

Highlight of the ceremony? Julie's best friend, the amazingly talented Katie Sapper, performed a love song written by Hans' father, "Starting Here, Starting Now." There was not a dry eye in the building, and yes, that includes this sensitive photographer too.

These two families are so happy to be one, big, happy family now!


Julie and Hans' personalities, craftiness and care shone through the whole day.

Julie hand-made each and every center piece with fairy gardens, each with their own wedding celebration scenes!


Reception time! Did I mention how much I love this venue??


If you know anything about Julie and Hans, you know they love games! Their reception was filled with any board game you could think of. Tables were filled with guests laughing over Cards Against Humanity, competing over Settlers of Catan and stressing over Jenga and Operation.

Even their wedding hashtag showcased their love for games, more specifically, World of Warcraft- #WOWJulieandHans  

Let the dancing begin!

Fun Fact: This is a very musical family... to say the least. Both the mother and father of the groom are music professors at Saint Mary's University so you know that they're going to go all out with great music and dancing for this special day! 

Shout-out to the fun and talented members of Swing, Inc and any friends and family who jumped on instruments as well! The dance floor was full of twirling, twisting, swinging and dipping! Don't worry, I made sure to get out and show off some of my moves.

Many generations, but the traditions hold strong- what a great turn out by the Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha and Sisters of Sigma Alpha Iota, the music fraternity and sorority at Saint Mary's University. 

And the Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha were able to serenade their newest sweetheart!


Shout out to all the amazing vendors that worked together to create the perfect day for Juile and Hans- check them out! 

Venue: The Court Above Main
Hair: Hair by Melissa
Makeup: Carin's Makeup Artistry
Music: Members of Swing, Inc.
Assistant Photographer: Ena Moats