Congrats to this incredible senior as he's wrapping up his high school career- Meet Ben!  

I had the pleasure of photographing Ben's brother just last year when he graduated so it was such a fun experience to also get to photograph Ben! I've always had such a love of Nicollet Island, this special little spot in the middle of the city! To make the area even better, I had a true DeLaSalle Islander to show me around. We went all over, trees, fields, and even to the soccer field! Congrats to Ben as he prepares for his next steps after high school, and enjoying every day of the journey!

Nicollet Island is such an incredible spot that makes you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere when you're in the middle of a major city!

Ben loves soccer and played on the varsity team so we had to go check out the field

Congrats to Ben and all the 2018 grads!