What a fun day these two as we explored Farmer's Park, a gem just outside of Winona- Meet Jen & Tim!

This park is not only beautiful and hidden away in the bluffs, but this is the park where these two not only had their first date but also where Tim proposed to Jen! He made her a picnic and they sat under the same tree they had sat under for their very first date in college. What a special place to come back to and one that I had a blast shooting! 

The rain didn't hold off long for our shoot, but luckily we found a gorgeous bridge, I had an awesome "go with the flow" couple, and a friend to hold an umbrella! It was almost even better with the rain since it started to rain the day Tim proposed, the whole atmosphere was bringing back lots of feels!

And here's the tree where it all began!

Congrats to Jen and Tim!
I cannot wait for your Fall 2018 wedding!