I've said it once and I'll say it again, Winona will always have a special place in my heart. A sweet, small town nestled between bluffs and the Mississippi River. So when a couple contacts me for Winona weddings I eagerly agree and start planning all the fun we're going to have fun!


Meet Megan and Khris! Megan came to Winona for college and Khris grew up in Winona and then moved away for college. Luckily, their paths crossed while working at the hospital in town. From the stories I have heard, it sounded like they had a special connection from day one. Let's flash forward to the most beautiful, sweet, and fun day where these two exchanged their vows and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. 

This wedding started in what I think is a house made for wedding days! Khris's parents own a home that overlooks Signatures Golf Course, a gorgeous course nestled between the bluffs on the edge of Winona. When I say it overlooks the course, I mean, you can walk outside and their backyard is the golf course- you can't get any closer then if you were on a golf cart playing! In addition to the perfect backdrop literally in their backyard, Khris's mom is a hair stylist and has a small salon in their home! Again, this house was made for wedding days! Now, fill it with lots of family, donuts, and excitement and it was a perfect way to start a wedding.


This wedding was so special and personal. The flowers were made by Megan's grandma, the DJ was a good family friend, and the lucky couple had the best get-away car I've ever seen- this awesome little red hot-rod! No room for the photographer??

I followed these two and we drove a few blocks to a Winona classic and one that means so much to this couple. Bub's (not pronounced the way you'd expect...) is where these two had their first date and why not stop here with your wedding party!