When your best friend gets a horse and asks for a photoshoot... you can't say no! Meet Keara! Keara and I have been besties since we were children and the friendship has only grown throughout high school, college, and beyond. Keara has always been an animal lover and grew up with lots of cats, dogs, fish, birds and so much more! Keara had dabbled in the love of horses, but it wasn't until college when Keara spent her summers working on a ranch in Medora, ND, leading tours on horseback. Long story short, four years later and many many many trail rides, some of Keara's friends in Medora pooled their money together and surprised Keara by buying her favorite horse! Keara couldn't be happier now owning her own pretty pony and why not document all the love! 

Check out the beautiful greenery headpiece Keara made for Princey!