I am so so so excited to finally show off this amazing wedding- meet Christine and Conner!

This wedding was so great, down to every last detail. From quirky sunglasses for the wedding party, to a true first look, to homegrown party favors, this wedding was so personal, unique and beautiful!

You may know by now how much I love Winona! It's just the perfect backdrop to a wedding, and when I'm photographing St. Mary's Univ. couple, it's even better! This is my third wedding in beautiful Mary of the Angels Chapel this year, and I couldn't have been more excited to finish off the year on this warm fall day!

Conner and Christine decided to not have a first look and to have their first moment be as she walked down the aisle. This was not only was sweet and romantic (as you'll see soon), but it gave us time in the morning to have fun with the wedding party!


Let's have a wedding! You may recognize this chapel from previous posts. This is a special church that is owned by my alma mater and is used for many events, and many weddings!

There were a few tears, lots of laughs, and many many hugs! 

After the ceremony we were able to have the whole crew together! And these guys know how to have fun! 

My favorite part of a wedding is the short amount of time that I have alone with the couple. It's a moment for us all to take a deep breath, for them to finally chat with each other, and for us to take some beautiful and special photos with no one else around. 

And now off to the party!

This fall wedding was decorated perfectly, with burlap bags for candy, leaves, and mini pumpkins for guests to take. The best part?! Conner and Christine started growing these pumpkins last year and grew all of them for the wedding! 

These two started the dance in style. A sweet first dance and special dances with her father and his mother.

And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a St. Mary's picture! (My favorite part of every wedding)

Shout out to all those who made Christine and Conner's wedding day absolutely perfect:

Venue: Saint Mary of the Angels Chapel
Officiant: Fr. Jonathan Fasnacht
Assistant Photographer: Kate Alley Photography (She's awesome-check her out)

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