As we near the New Year, it's crazy to think that it is almost 2017... and know what that means, we're nearing graduation time for some pretty excited seniors- Meet Katie!

It's hard to believe that this shoot was only a few weeks ago and we were sweating in the beautiful fall weather, and now we can't escape the cold. Why do I live in Minnesota again... Anyway, we had a beautiful day, setting sun, and a field, a barn and lots of trees to explore

Katie stays pretty busy in and out of school! And like most seniors around this time... she's pretty excited for graduation!

This shoot was so fun because the more we shot, the more comfortable Katie became in front of the camera, and the more I wanted to just keep shooting! By the time the sun was almost gone, I was sad to have to stop. 

All the awesome colors from the barn to the willow tree really made Katie and her adorable fall outfits really pop! What a natural beauty and fun person to work with!

Shout out to Shadow Creek Stables for letting us use their beautiful property!