After years in the classroom, senior year is finally HERE- Meet Matt! 

It always seems like senior year is so so busy and goes by way too quickly! From sports and activities, to friends and clubs... oh yeah, and some school work thrown in there too, you just never stop moving. Matt is no exception to the craziness of this final year, as a rockstar multi-sport athlete and staying busy in the classroom, he is definitely enjoying every day as he prepares for his next steps into college and beyond.


Matt goes to De La Salle in Minneapolis and we had the great pleasure of exploring the small island community that the high school sits on, Nicollet Island. If you're not familiar with this area near downtown Minneapolis, you would never find this colorful island and unique neighborhood that hides behind the large Lasallian high school.

Matt was so fun to work with and brought so much energy to this awesome shoot!

We had such a calm and sunny evening which allowed us to really spend time exploring the island! From this walking bridge over the river to an old railroad track (you'll see soon!), there were countless spots to enjoy.

And we weren't the only ones to have this idea, the island with full of photoshoots with other very happy photographers enjoying the perfect evening as well!

With all these colors and awesome walking paths, you'd never know we are in the middle of the city.

Matt, have a great rest of your senior year and good luck with all that is to come!