When I was younger, all I wanted was a dog. I searched the newspaper every day looking for the perfect puppy for sale. I printed all the info I could find about different breeds and created a binder in hopes of convincing my parents of how serious I was. I sat at the pet store just staring at all the puppy dog eyes staring back at me. Long story short, I never got that puppy... until now!! - Meet Finley!

At 9 weeks he loves chewing on his duck chew toys from Auntie Danielle, tripping over his long legs when he runs across the yard, and napping anywhere and everywhere for about 20 hours of the day. 

I know you're probably staring at the tiny puppy in my lap, but that cute guy next to me is also very special to the story. Graham and I have been dating for 6 years now and will hopefully be taking the next step soon (hint hint) 😉  

Graham got Finley about 3 days ago and I guess at this point he isn't my dog quite yet, but I can't wait for us to be a happy family someday soon! 

I thought picking the breed or which exact puppy to get would be the hardest part of getting a dog, but picking a name for this cutie pie was a bit of a struggle too! We googled countless names, their meanings, and nicknames. We even went so far as to ask the opinions of strangers and servers when out to eat. 

We finally landed on the perfect name for this little guy: Finley, but you can call him Finn!

I never thought I'd be this attached to something, but now I get it! I love this little dude so much and can't wait to train him, love him and watch him grow. 

...but first, how about a nap!

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