What an adventure hiking around Whitewater State Park with these two - Meet Robin and Connor!
I love couples who aren't just excited for their wedding day, but they're excited for their marriage and starting their lives together. These two are that couple! They are excited and happy to be together and it extends to everyone around them! We had such a blast wondering around Whitewater State Park. Connor loves fly fishing (and Robin is quickly learning). So we thought this would be a perfect place to capture the true and authentic couple they are... and let Connor fish a little too!

I went to high school with Robin and have known her a number of years, and it was great to get to know her future hubby!

I was a little bummed that Fall was coming to an end quicker than I had expected, but luckily Mother Nature still throws out some beautiful colors and scenery, no matter the season!

Connor is an avid fly fisherman and Robin is learning quickly. I love to capture couples doing something they love and what a beautiful backdrop and a fun idea to capture these two down in the river fishing together. 

Although Connor's pretty talented, the 20 minutes I gave him to fish wasn't enough to catch a trout that day :( But hey! We had fun trying!

Congrats to these two! I can't wait for this Summer wedding!