With the mountains of snow outside my window today, it's fun to look back to a time when snow created beautiful backdrops and not impossible roadways (like my Minneapolis street looks like right now). This blog is a throwback to this time last year with the sweetest couple out there, Sophie and James. This time last year, with Sophie nearly 8 months pregnant, these two happily trudged uphill through a foot of snow to make this shoot happen and wow am I glad it did! I don't get to do a lot of maternity shoots, but there is something special about the excitement and anticipation of expecting parents. You can see in every photo the joy and pure love these two have for each other and for their child. How fun to look back, now with baby Jacob almost a year old! I hope he loves the Wild as much as you two ;) 

Watch for next week's blog with little baby Jacob!

When you're a fan, you show it off!

Watch for the #throwback newborn blog post next week!