Photography is my passion.
Photography is my creative outlet. Photography is my way to make new friends and capture the best days of their lives. Photography is my favorite way to tell a story, let's tell your story together.

I love people, coffee dates, thrift stores, and sunsets. I have a brand new husband, a big crazy Catholic family, and an adorable chocolate lab!

Frequently asked questions

How early should I book a session?
How far are you willing to travel?
Sessions or weddings within 30 miles of either St. Paul, Winona, or Rochester, MN will not be charged extra. Weddings within 30 miles of Winona or Rochester of either location. As for how far... anywhere you want!
When can I expect my photos? 
You will receive your session photos 2-3 weeks after your shoot. Please allow 5-6 weeks for wedding photos. Watch Facebook for sneak peaks from your shoot!

Rarely Asked, EAGERLY answered

Do the wedding packages include your wicked dance moves?
I will not force my moves on you and your wedding, but, upon request and some awesome music, I have been known to be the last one off the dance floor. 
What happens to your business name when you get married?
I have been worrying about that for years and still don't
What's your love language?
As the main photographer: 8
As an assistant photographer: 25
As a guest: 2



Have more questions or just want to meet up for a cup of coffee?